Upcoming Coffee List

19-Jan-20Neil & Ann VanStaveren with Pat Pluister
26-Jan-20Ron & Ann Reitsma
02-Feb-20John & Siska DeJong with Harry Sintniklaas
09-Feb-20Kevin & Tricia Groeneveld with Paul & Carly Hippern
16-Feb-20Chris & Samantha Groeneveld with Barb DeJong
23-Feb-20Ben & Narda Hoogkamp with Beatrice Koster
01-Mar-20Harry & Helen Zylstra with Michael & Catherine Brady
08-Mar-20Michael & Marion Fulcher with Trudy Van Staveren
15-Mar-20Kryn & Anne Duivesteyn with Elizabeth Raaphorst
22-Mar-20Herman & Susan Duivesteyn with Tony Duivesteyn
29-Mar-20Sheldon & Sofie Huitema with Nelly VandenBrink
05-Apr-20Bill & Kathy Wielinga with Mina Trachsler